New Final Fantasy 1-6 2D Remakes (Yes! FF3 finally gets a 2D remake!!)

Square Enix have announced at E3 2021 that ALL the classic 2D Final Fantasy games from 1-6 are getting pixel perfect remasters! This is amazing news I’ve been waiting 20 friggin years for this as Final Fantasy 3 NEVER got a 2D remake. As someone who collected the FF Origins remakes on Playstation 1 (ported from Wonderswan) along with the Anthology releases of FF4-5 and the awesome FF6 re-release, I was devo that FF3 was not included and never made it to the PS1 due to the Wonderswan FF3 remake being cancelled. When they announced the 3D remake of FF3 years later I was like noooooo, that’s too darn different, this doesn’t fix the gap!! Several fans announced 2D remakes of FF3 over the years but they never got far. However now finally this big gap in the classic series will be filled and all the classic 2D games will get a makeover to the same level of ability and quality in each. Plus modders have been doing amazing stuff with squares retro steam releases so it’ll fascinating to see what they do with these (eg insert PS1 cutscenes?). Sadly no screenshots or gameplay footage yet, just this little teaser!

EDIT: We’ve finally got some screenshots from a video presentation! Oh man this looks good, some of the upgraded backgrounds look epic! Feels so good to see FF3 getting the same treatment too!

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