SEGA MegaZone Preservation Archive – Update 2

Hi guys! 🙂 Time for another update as we’ve had some great new developments on the SEGA MegaZone Preservation Archive Project ! Unfortunately Colin is having some problems with his scanner so I still don’t have all the issues he offered however others have come forward and I’ve been able to score some big additions to the The MegaZone Archive !

First I’ve gotta start with the best one. Big thanks to Minuous over at the English Amiga Boards for letting me know plus David & his friends over at DLH’s Commodore Archive for uploading the file and giving me permission to copy, because I HAVE OBTAINED ISSUE 1! Yes really, the first issue from the late 1980s that started it all! And sure enough as suspected issue 1 was called MegaCom without the P on the end (before it was changed to MegaComp and then MegaZone).

I’ve also been contacted by Mick Elliot who had the super rare Issue 4 of MegaComp (the final issue before the name change to MegaZone) and kindly offered to scan it for me. This means we now have every issue before the name change to MegaZone except Issue 3. Fingers crossed we score that one one day too!

Then I got lucky on ebay when I saw someone was selling a massive collection of MegaZones and I noticed 2 of them I didn’t have in my physical collection, Issue 9 and Issue 22. So I contacted the seller and negotiated them taking those 2 out and selling separately to me! Issue 22 is already in the online archive however Issue 9 is not! So I’ve scanned it in high quality and added it to the collection! Love that Arnie Total Recall cover!

And finally, as mentioned in my previous project update I’ve also managed to bag some more super rare MegaZone subscription & game catalogue foldout booklets. They were being sold on ebay or an utterly ridiculous price I was unwilling to pay. The seller had no interest in dropping the price however thankfully they did complete scans of ever page for the sale pictures. This allowed me to download them, rotate them (they were all wonky), and clean them up a bit to make them readable. They’re far from perfect but they’re readable which is the important thing. I’ve labeled them as Issue 5 and 20 supplements however I’m only guessing which issues they came with due to their similar content (Issue 5 the first MegaZone is still missing from the archive but Colin has sent me it’s cover).

There are now only 10 issues missing from the MegaZone preservation collection (issues 3, 5-8, and 11-15)! Well most likely 10 lol as there may be a mythical Issue 57 out there! A fellow on this forum claims the summer issue 56 was not really the last despite the issue saying it was and all subscriptions (including my own) being canceled and refunded. He says a final issue 57 showed up at news agencies however he’s sadly lost his copy. Can anyone else confirm this mystery issue exists? Anyway, big thank you to everyone for their help! Make sure you visit the The MegaZone Archive to see these latest additions.

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