Blake’s Sanctum passes 60,000 visitors!

Blake’s Sanctum just hit the big 60,000 visitors mark less than a year after I posted about hitting the 50,000 mark, which shows that despite not much growth of content on the site the visitors keep coming to enjoy my tributes to retro games and fan projects so thanks everyone. 🙂

Also this blog is about to hit the 35,000 hits mark which considering it was about to hit 25,000 in my last post a year ago then that’s a good sign it’s also doing well as well and pushing around 10,000 visitors a year like the main site.

Just like I said in that last post around a year ago sadly my big new WIP Civilization section that was meant to be a 6mth project has gone on another year (meaning we’re at the 2.5 year mark now) and STILL shows no signs of being done anytime soon lol. Has really been bothering me lately as I really got in over my head with this section. There’s just TOO much content out there and TOO many mod projects I wanted to personally make myself. However I refuse to give up and let all that work go to waste so I shall keep at it! Hopefully the first of the videos in the series will star to appear on my Youtube Channel and I can finalise their respective web page tributes too.

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