New HD Master of Magic Implode’s Multiplayer Edition version released!

WOAH!!! More great news for us Master of Magic fans as Implode has returned from his self imposed exile (think kungfu movie where the bad guy bests the good guy so the good guy climbs up a mountain and learns better kungfu with some old guy with a grey beard who never speaks and then the good guy comes back and kicks the bad guys ass lol) and released a new version of his HD Multiplayer remake of Master of Magic with for the first time FUNCTIONING AI!! This is the moment so many have been waiting for.. lets try it and give him some feedback!

Edit: Implode has done yet another release after teaching the AI to build roads! More details HERE !



Old Tour video:

4 comments on “New HD Master of Magic Implode’s Multiplayer Edition version released!

  1. Hi, Blake,
    Thank you for your great work ! I love master of magic, and downloaded remake application with java and JRE, but I couldn’t go further at the point of “run the server”, I am a beginner, and I don’t know how to do it. If you can guide me how to do it, very much appreciated. Thank you ! I really want to play this game on your application.
    E. Tomioka from Tokyo


    • Hi there, I didn’t make the game mate, a guy named Implode made the game, I’m just a fan like you. To run the server you double click on a server.bat file thats in the same folder as the readme file you were reading.. then after that you double click on a client.bat file to start the game. I’m super busy and stressed with work at the moment which makes it difficult for me to help people out so I recommend you come join the Master of Magic Discord channel as Implode himself (whos the creator of the game) is there along with many other fans who can help you get it working! Link:


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