Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen in VR & Touchscreen!

OMG he’s done it again. Last time I posted about a guy playing my Star Trek Doom Mod in VR and hoped that he’d play my Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen mod in VR too and he has!!! It’s super cool seeing him raise his hand shooting bolts out of it as if its his own lol. On top of that another fellow saw this video and decided to showcase QFG4-3D on his Doom video channel where he plays Doom mods on a touchscreen pad. Under normal circumstances my nasty monsters would slaughter anyone foolish enough to try and play the game with touch controls haha but he employs a number of clever programs and mods that add special moves like a Mortal Kombat style fast ground slide attack. It’s super fun to watch however not being QFG fans combined with trying to play fast means these guys miss a lot of the secret places sadly haha. Oh and like last time there’s a few glitches and they’ve both removed my QFG4 music sadly. I’ll post both videos below with my commentary! šŸ™‚

VR Video

00:00 good to scene my cutscenes big and readable in this video, they were so tiny in his star trek video. ZDoom forum has a really good guide now on how to do strafe style cutscenes and npcs removing the need for my ‘virtual cinemas’ so when I come back to these projects one day I’ll overhaul all the cutscenes.

01:15 haha welcome to hell.. the ‘badders’ are a annoyingly fast with their swoops in the original QFG4 so I was thrilled when I found a super fast bees addon for hexen that I could modify into Badders. Having them swooping at your face in VR looks nasty haha.

03:30 oh dear haha.. one of my testers said I was being too annoyingly nice blocking everyone from falling off edges.. so i took the blocks off.. welcome to death lol

The town has many secrets that are difficult for a non QFG4 player to find so this should be interesting..

16:30 Ah man he’s going down all the back alleyways and trying all the back doors and not the front ones hahaha.. maybe I should put a funny message in to some of those doors saying “its rude to enter a shop through the back door, this is someone’s house too!” haha.

19:00 hahaha now I feel bad about telling him about the monastery fireplace secret, as he’s stepping into other fireplaces and getting burnt lol! Although he did shoot someones pig and cat so he kinda deserves it lol!

20:40 Missed the secret thief guild. šŸ˜‰ Anyone curious can see me visit there HERE.

21:05 The climb (invisible step ladder) was right in front of him, just had to step forwards haha. Guess that means he missed the monestary and the secret cult basement. Viewers can see visit them HERE.

24:20 Oh no! He ran past the 1 door he needed to open and instead tried every single other one hahaha.. oh dear.. this is not looking good lol!

26:05 Oh jesus he ran past the same door again and tried the others.. stop running past the door hahahahahaha!


27:43 He shot me! That bastard haha.. this is what I get for telling people that’s a real picture me in armour lol. Girl in the other painting is now an ex.. so people can shoot her painting instead if they want lol.

28:33 Wrong house haha.. the one in front of him was the one with the climbable window. Not missing much though, I sneak in there HERE.

31:00 Darn it.. my lightning jump scare didn’t make him jump lol.. its loooouuuddd!

32:00 Oh man this is so cool seeing him in the dark forest in VR with all the lightning coming down.. I’m getting goosebumps and I’m the guy who friggin made it so why am I scared lol!

35:00 Oh he’s in the sh*ts now.. wraith fight in VR baby!!!

39:30 Ahh now I see why the next problem happens.. he flew through the intro screen where I have in red NOTE: to end the day touch the tree haha.

Shame as seeing the next bit in VR would have been insane.. you storm the gates of Borgov castle and fight waves of monsters (including some big nasty new ones) surrounded by cliff edges and more lightning. People can see me doing it in 2D HERE.

Touchscreen Video

His video covers roughly 1/3 of the entire demo, after this you can explore town and visit all the shops and find secret lairs etc, then leave town at night under a huge thunder storm to take on monsters in the graveyard, then there’s a bonus level where you storm Borgov castle too. The sun ray/lens flairs effects are cool. I noticed his mucking around with stuff triggered some small minor bugs eg the doors in the dark one cave are just regular hexen doors instead of the orifices, and when you first enter the forest its meant to be nice clear blue skys, not red hell haha.

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