SEGA MegaZone Preservation Archive NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Hi guys,

I need your help to preserve the great old SEGA MegaZone video game magazine…

Video Version Of This:
(Note: First 10mins covers everything, the remaining 20mins is a bonus ‘just for fun’ tour of my physical MegaZone collection)

25/09/2020 Update 1 – New Magazines Found!
07/03/2021 Update 2 – New Magazines Found!

MegaZone started out in the late 1980s as an Australian general gaming and electronics magazine called MegaComp (although issue 1 was actually MegaCom with no P!) and from issue 5 onwards became known as MegaZone magazine covering PC & Amiga (with a particular focus on point & click adventures), Atari, Nintendo and a lots of SEGA stuff. In these arguably best years of the magazine it was run by SEGA Ozisoft as they were the primary distributor of a lot of non-SEGA software as well. In late 1993 SEGA sold the magazine to Mason Stewart Publishing who changed the magazine to SEGA MegaZone and had continued success despite only covering SEGA related content. Sadly in the summer of 1995/1996 MegaZone came to a final end likely due to the declining popularity of SEGA (low sales of the 32X and Saturn) against Nintendo & Sony and the increasing backlash over the magazines rather controversial and excessive uses of violence and sexual content (in the Mason era). Presumably things did not end amicably as the final magazine was filled with raunchy content and even famously said “we’re off to buy a Playstation” haha!

The Problem:
Being an Australian magazine (presumably with no international distribution) this great old magazine and piece of video game history from the early to mid 1990s. Which is arguably the greatest era in retro gaming due to the 16bit console wars, the last great years of the Amiga, and the rise of mainstream PC gaming (Point & click adventures, 3D 1st person shooters, and RTS+TBS strategy games). The magazine has sadly disappeared into near obscurity with only a small internet presence and a few mangy old mags occasionally appearing on ebay. There is currently NO COMPLETE DIGITAL RECORD OF THIS MAGAZINE IN EXISTENCE. I want to try and change that…

Over the last few years I’ve been collecting physical copies of old MegaZones. Because of this I have become very interested in preserving scanned digital copies of the magazines online so I’ve also been trying to help out some of the wiki websites working to do the same and have recently started a new preservation collection of my own for all to enjoy at . Internet Archive have become the ultimate preservation website for internet sites, books, magazines, videos and many other things, even video games! They have a really good online magazine reader built in as well so they make preserving this content so easy and almost fun!

MAIN MegaZone Archive Site: (The new archive I’ve setup)

Other Backup Sites: (Covers only) (Members only) (Amiga related content only)

Project Status:
At this stage 46 of the 56 issues have been found and scanned by various collectors and myself leaving 10 issues still missing, all from the magazines earliest years (although someone has claimed there was an issue 57!!! – see update 2 below). Many of the magazines found are missing their posters and some occasionally had supplement mini books that may be missing too. We’re also trying to digitize any MegaZone TV commercials out there on old VHS video cassettes as we have rescued 2 but know there are more (I remember seeing more as a kid).

25/09/2020 Update 1 – New Magazines Found!
07/03/2021 Update 2 – New Magazines Found!

How YOU Can Help:
1. We know that the National Library of Australia (NLA) in Canberra has nearly all of the MegaComp and MegaZone issues we’re missing. So if you’re anywhere near that place and wanna have go at scanning their copies for us out of the kindness of your heart then please let us know! Presumably they have their own big scanner or maybe they’ll let you borrow the mags out so you can use your own scanner. They actually have an online scanned copy service (they scan it for you) however they charge $19 bucks per 25 pages which is crazy expensive and just not worth it. Alternatively there maybe copies in other libraries around the country so feel free to check with some of your local ones to see if they have any early MegaZone and MegaComp magazines. That’s what I plan to do.

2. If you have your own copy of an old MegaZone or some extra material we don’t have and you’re willing to scan it for us then I’ve got cloud storage you can upload the files to and I’ve got access to good pdf editing software at my work to finalise the file for use.

3. If you have your own copies you’re not willing to scan then you are more than welcome to send or sell them to me and I’ll take care of the rest. I’m happy to pay for the postage however just because I’m a collector it doesn’t mean I’m willing to pay a fortune for your mags haha! Going rates are usually 5-7 AUD for avergae condition mags, 8-10 AUD for great condition or average condition mags still with posters, and 11-14 AUD for great condition mags with posters & extras intact. The only mags I was able to sell for more then that were ones that were still plastic sealed and I’d never opened them haha.

4. And finally for anyone who can’t do the above then please just put the word out to all your Australian retro gaming friends and internet personalities (Yes I already know Brian ‘Since Spacies’ who used to work at MegaZone thanks haha). Share this on facebook, twitter, reddit, discord, everywhere as odds are somebody knows someone who loved that magazine and still has some somewhere!

If you think you can help with one of these requests (other than the sharing one as that doesn’t need me haha) then please contact me either in the comments here, in my youtube video comments, at one of the preservation wiki sites, or preferably just EMAIL ME.

How To Scan Magazines & Digitize Video:
It’s probably easier to watch the youtube video I posted above on how to do these. 300DPI minimum please, hell I used 400 as the quality difference was noticeable.

Current Missing Issues (Last Updated 07/03/2021):
NLA gives conflicting information so some of the monthly and bi-monthly info are guesses until we have found more magazines.

MegaCom Issue 01 – July/August 1988 has been found & scanned. No P on the end confirmed!
MegaComp Issue 02 – December/January 1989 has been found & scanned.

MegaComp Issue 03 – ?July/August 1989?

MegaComp Issue 04 – January/February 1990 has been found & scanned.

MegaZone Issue 05 – June 1990 (Month confirmed)
MegaZone Issue 06 – ?July 1990?
MegaZone Issue 07 – ?August 1990? (Month confirmed)
MegaZone Issue 08 – ?September 1990?

MegaZone Issue 09 – October 1990 has been found & scanned.
MegaZone Issue 10 – November 1990 has been found & scanned.

MegaZone Issue 11 – ?December 1990?
MegaZone Issue 12 – ?February 1991? Contents page of what is assumed to be a partial issue 12 scanned at Amiga Mags Rack includes an apology for there being no January issue released.
MegaZone Issue 13 – ?March 1991?
MegaZone Issue 14 – ?April 1991?
MegaZone Issue 15 – ?May 1991?

ALL ISSUES from MegaZone Issue 16 (June 1991) onwards up to the final Issue 56 (Summer 1995/1996) have been located & scanned.

MegaZone Issue 57 – ?Autumn 1996? – A fellow on this forum claims the summer issue 56 was not really the last despite the issue saying it was and all subscriptions (including my own) being canceled and refunded. He says a final issue 57 showed up at news agencies however he’s sadly lost his copy. Can anyone else confirm this mystery issue exists?

MegaZone Extras – Please see supplement materials & videos sections (usually at the bottom) of archive sites listed earlier to see if you have something we don’t have.

Well that’s everything! Thank you for stopping by and reading all this. Let’s try and preserve this great old magazine forever!! 🙂

15 comments on “SEGA MegaZone Preservation Archive NEEDS YOUR HELP!

  1. Hi, I’m ex Sega Ozisoft (Sega Hotline / writer for Megazone etc) from early 90s. My big bro worked there in the early 90s and even designed a few covers (Megazone June / July 1991 – Jerel Smith) – I’m going to his house on Monday and checking his archives for early issues that you’re missing… hopefully he still has them. I’ll let you know! Cheers, Tim Smith


    • Oh you legend Tim! Thank you so much! Glad I tagged you twitter haha! Some of those pre 16 issues don’t have issue numbers which makes things a little harder but Issue 16 was June/July 1991 so anything dated before that is of interest to us! Well other than that one Nov 1990 issue we managed find, that’s all good, just everything around it that’s missing haha.


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  4. Hi , there’s a mega zone catalog on eBay atm and I have a special game pack tin mentioning the magazine. Now I was wondering if there’s any info on these tins in the magazine that you know of. Kind regards Nick

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Nick, thanks for letting me know, I have searches setup to detect megazone stuff but I didn’t see these due to the seller separating mega and zone (it was never separated), I better setup another search for people who do that so I don’t miss anything haha. Wow those are awesome, I haven’t seen them before. Your tin and those catalogs may be mentioned in mags but it’s been a very long time since I read cover to cover my whole physical collection. They may not have even come with the mags as I have a similar catalog that came in a uncle tobys muesli box lol!

      Wish I could buy them (especially as the seller is in the same city as me) and scan them for the megazone preservation collection, but jeez 90 bucks each.. thats just.. wow.. incredible!! Considering entire rare undamaged megazone magazines normally go for 10-15 bucks and worn out ones for less then that, a tiny little catalog with some game & mag adverts selling for 6 friggin times that much is just amazing.. I wonder if anyone will buy them at that price lol.


      • Indeed prices these days are redicules, I’m a Belgian btw so I’m not going to run into megazone magazines in the wild but I’m a huge sega enthousiast and have a reasonable collection. If you want I can send a pic from the text on the tin mentioning the magazine as a competition price but I can’t find how to upload pics


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