Complete History of Civilization Game Series

Hi guys! Work is still ongoing with my big new Civilization section covering not just Civilization but also Colonization and Alpha Centauri. However I do have something cool for any Civ fellow fans dropping by now.

One of the reasons I finally decided to start working on a Civilization series tribute website was because a year ago PC Gamer (Issue 311 – Dec 2017) did an awesome 14 page spread on the history of the Civilization series covering all the games (Incl Civ6) with behind the scenes info and new interviews with Sid Meier, Bryan Reynolds and Jeff Briggs. It really got me thinking about the games again and how much I miss them. I’ve only scanned the first 2 pages as fortunately I found an online copy here:

Then just by pure coincidence while cleaning out my spare room I found an old PC Powerplay magazine (Issue 112 – May 2005) with a beautiful visual tribute to classic Civilization 1 and an interview with Bruce Shelley. This article became a big inspiration for how I’d do my website tribute (eg colourful map of the world background). Here’s my scans:

Gamasutra also did a cool history of the series back in 2007 that people may wish to read as once again it’s got some good interviews:

And finally if all that isn’t enough and you REALLY want to get into the nuts and bolts of the making of the series then check out this HUGE crowdfunded history write up by Jimmy Maher that goes into incredible detail about the games, how it all started and the troubles Sid went through just to get Civ 1 made. It’s very long but very informative and well written!

Hope people enjoy the read as much as I did! 🙂

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