New Wonder Boy games after all these years!

I should have posted this a while back however Monsterboy has just come out so I guess now is a great time too! Wonderboy 2 in Monsterland for the Sega Master System was the first RPG I ever owned and played. I loved that game so much and loved it’s 3(ish) sequels too, however sadly the series never made it out of the 90s and up until a few years ago seemed forgotten and lost in legal limbo (due to multiple rights holders disagreeing).

But a few years ago it all took off again when a small studio named Lizardcube managed to successfully work out a deal with all licence holders to create a full blown modern remake of Wonder Boy 3 Dragon’s Trap on PC and modern consoles including the ever popular Nintendo Switch! They did an amazing job and best of all you can effortlessly switch between modern and classic mode playing the game with the original Sega Master System graphics and sounds if you wish! Check out the trailer here:

But if that’s not enough another small studio named FDG Entertainment came along and got the lience to create a full blown new Wonder Boy game titled Monster Bot and the Cursed Kingdom with amazing graphics and animation along with gameplay styled similarly to Wonder Boy 3 again with multiple animal transformation characters to play as. They have also released on PC and consoles too! You can see it’s trailer here:

There’s also some great fan games and remakes from the last 20 years based on Wonder boy so I’ll probably do more blog posts and a big website tribute section down the track! 🙂

Oh and if all that is not enough there’s even an official modern remake of Wonder Boy 1 called Wonder Boy Returns as well! I never really liked the first one as it has nothing to do with Monster World and is basically a kid in a loin cloth riding skateboards collecting fruit lol but I know plenty of people that love this one so I thought I’d better include this one too! It actually looks pretty good! Here’s the trailer:

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