People Playing My Star Trek Doom Level

Hi guys,

I’m sorry to say I still haven’t been able to solve the problems with my Star Trek Doom and Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen not working properly in the latest versions of GZDoom which has really killed my motivation to do more work on the projects. Hopefully sooner or later I’ll be able to get some expert help from the ZDoom people and then once everything is fixed I can work on them again. But until that time both projects are still on hold sorry! 😦

However some good news is I’ve found some really cool stuff on youtube. 2 People have played my Star Trek Doom levels and posted videos! It’s very exciting, humbling, weird and kinda frustrating watching other people playing my mods. I kept wanting to scream “noooo you missed a cool area!!!” lol.

This is a really great video although sadly he used the last ever version of ZDoom (not the recommended superior GZDoom) to play it and that last version contains a bug where allied ‘monsters’ will attack you on site. So all those ‘red shirt’ crew members that are meant to help you were instead attacking him! Judging by his video title he got a bit annoyed about that haha!

When I released my 2016 demos of STDoom & QFG4-3D Hexen I also decided to release my original old 1990s-2012 pure Doom (doesn’t need ZDoom engine) demo of STDoom just in case any old fans of the project didn’t like the new version and wanted to play the old one in Doom 2. Looks like this guy decided to play that version and do a video! Sadly it’s not in English so I have no idea whether he’s loving or trashing my work hahaha!

Of course I have my own full complete playthroughs of both STDoom & QFG4-3D Hexen on youtube which show the levels at their best and all the secrets which I recommend fans check out if they haven’t already!

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