Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod

I currently have a minor tribute to this amazing fan project on my Heroes of Might & Magic Website as it’s been going for a few years now however at some point I will definitely do a bigger full page tribute as this is looking so cool.

For a a number of years now a talented group of fans have been modding HoMM3 to have HoMM2 style graphics and port over all the maps too. What’s really cool is that it will essentially allow you to play HoMM2 with all of HoMM3’s gameplay improvements such as the ragdoll hero, super artifacts, quest huts, siege weapons, more castle buildings & specials, and of course the new races (seeing them ‘de-make’ Swamp & Demons is so cool). They’re also upscaling a lot of the old graphics too (eg the title screen) and plan to add new HoMM2 inspired campaigns to go with the existing imported HoMM2 ones! Apparently it will also be compatible with the awesome HoMM3 HD Mod (with + features turned off though) so the end result should hopefully be a greatly enhanced Heroes of Might & Magic 2 experience in HD resolutions! 🙂

Check out their trailer below and follow them on facebook as they plan to release this year in 2018!

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