X4 Foundations Coming Soon!

Another game I’m super excited about is the up and coming sequel to the awesome X Series of space adventure and trading games. X4 Foundations looks like it will play similar to great classics like Freelancer with lots of space combat, trading and walking around space bars conducting ‘business’. After fans complained about the previous game X-Rebirth not allowing you to fly any ship (which you could do in previous games) they have brought it back in X4 but have still kept the awesome walking around your ship and space stations stuff of X-Rebirth (the Freelancer fan in me is very excited about that bit!). They’ve vastly improved station building too which means players will be able to craft huge empires of modular stations protected by fleets of ships including giant battleships where you can stand on the bridge surrounded by your crew! Egosoft has been releasing alpha footage over the last year but now they have announced a proper November 30th release date and have just put out official trailer and gameplay footage videos which I’ll post below!

If you haven’t seen their previous teaser vids and alpha footage streams then I’ll put them here…

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