Netbash 1 & 2! Retro Gaming Multiplayer LAN Party Videos

Hey everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t know about you guys but when I was a young man in the late 90s and early 2000s I loved meeting up with 3 or 4 mates, getting some booze & bad take away food, bringing our computers over and playing multiplayer games like Command & Conquer, Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, and Civilization just to name a few. We nicknamed them ‘netbashes’ (although most of the world call them LAN parties) and had many over those years but sadly for whatever reason (grew up, got jobs, got girlfriends etc) we stopped doing them after 2001ish.

Well in 2017 we decided to bring back the netbash (possibly due to an early midlife crisis haha) and relive our youth playing some of these great old games. Thanks to the fan gaming and modding community its easier than ever to play some of these classic games on modern machines. OpenRA in particular is just an utterly brilliant and addictive way to relive C&C and Dune gaming. Since I already had a website and youtube channel devoted to retro gaming and mods I decided to start filming some of our netbash games to improve the content. Below are some of the videos of these great fan remakes and mods of great classic games!

Netbash 0 – NYE 2016
Didn’t have any New Years Eve plans for the first time ever (getting old lol) so I met up with my mate James to have dinner and drinks. After dinner we randomly decided to connect 2 computers and play some old games. The netbash was back! Although sadly I didn’t do any videos as this was totally unplanned lol!
Bash 0 naughty meal of choice: Outdoor BBQ Feast!

Netbash 1 – February 2017
James & I decided to test more games in preparation for a bigger netbash with more mates. After many painful hours we got the Red Alert 2 mod for the OpenRA development version working! We failed to get the Dune 2 classic mod working though. We then went on to have a really fun Tiberian Sun team game.
Bash 1 naughty meal of choice: Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill!

Netbash 2 – May 2017
We managed to get our good mate (& original Bash member) Dave to ‘bash 2’ allowing for some great 3 player games. Thanks to help from the Dune 2 classic mod team we got their mod working with the dev version of OpenRA leading to some fun times. I also wanted to show the guys a really fun and HECTIC C&C1 Tiberian Dawn mini 8 player map. This probably still my favourite match recorded to date as it’s so intense after the first 5 or so mins lol.
Bash 2 naughty meal of choice: Nordburger!

At the next netbash we lured another old mate Mick to join us for some 4 player mayhem. So stay tuned to for more retro videos from more Netbashes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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