Star Trek Deep Space Nine HD News

Two Years ago like many other Star Trek DS9 fans I was devastated when it became public that CBS would not push ahead with the DS9 HD Blu-ray remakes due to the lacklustre sales of the STTNG blu-rays (recently re-confirmed here). Watching TNG in HD with all the remade special effects was a truly amazing experience but through the whole thing I kept thinking “I can’t wait to see all those big sets and space battles from DS9 in HD”. While DS9 was supposed to be the little bastard show it ended up being bigger in every way and therefore would have benefited from an HD remake even more. A real tragedy for us fans.

However there’s been some interesting developments of late and some great fan made stuff I thought I’d post about that just might give us some hope that one day we’ll get ‘something somehow’ lol.

Firstly the What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Documentary Indiegogo I posted about the other day was a HUGE funding success which had to have gotten the attention of CBS. On top of that Adam Nimoy and the rest of the doco team dropped a very exciting surprise on us. If we fully funded the stretch goals they would bring the STTNG HD bluray team back out of retirement to scan and convert select special footage from DS9 to include in the documentary. It probably won’t be much and no doubt it wouldn’t be any space stuff (unless it’s an early season pre-CGI model shot) but nevertheless this is really cool! Naturally the fan reaction was explosive and all the stretch goals were knocked out of the park haha!

Secondly there’s some amazing fan work going on out there. This guy has managed to recreate some of DS9’s largest most epic battle moments in HD with INCREDIBLE quality that just defies belief!

And this guy has been using some very clever upscaling techniques (similar to that famous original Star Wars Ep4 HD Upscale a few years back) to upscale original dvd footage to blu-ray. It’s amazingly effective (eg look at the veins appear on Siksos head). If CBS don’t hunt him down maybe we’ll get some more good stuff in the future.

Or maybe CBS might be inspired to do something similar and look into upscaling, sharpening & colour enhancing the existing dvd footage for Blu-ray/HD Streaming release. They just gotta pay someone to run the DVD files through a good program lol. If a dude sitting at home could make it as good as it looks above then I’m sure they can. There are other examples too..

These guys became famous a few years back for released a ‘unspecialised’ version of Star Wars Episode 4 that contained high quality upscaled dvd footage for where they couldn’t obtain original negatives.

And as for official studios doing this I know of it being done with Farscape so no doubt there are others:

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