New Command & Conquer Series Website Section! (Part 1)

FINISHED! This has been a long time coming but I have finally finished working on my site. Now its time to get back to gaming for a year or so!

My final addition is a brand new section devoted to my beloved series Command & Conquer! I spent much of my teenage years playing C&C and its been a real joy to return to the Westwood classics. When I did my ‘Duneathon’ 2 years ago and a designed my Dune Games webpage I knew I just had to do the same for C&C. I’ve put part 1 in the title as while I own all the EA sequels I’m actually yet to play them! I just never got around to it in the 2000s so now that I’ve replayed the Westwood games and have built this page I’m all ready to take on the EA C&C games in the coming years to finish the section. I’ll also do my usual investigations into cool fan projects as you can bet there’s even more out there than I found for Dune!

Website Preview:

Pictures From Website:

Games Added to Website:
Command & Conquer – Tiberian Dawn
– The Covert Operations Addon
C&C Red Alert
– Retaliation Addon (Contains Counterstrike & Aftermath Addons)
Command & Conquer II – Tiberian Sun
– Firestorm Addon
C&C Red Alert II
– Yuri’s Revenge Addon
C&C Generals
– Zero Hour Addon
Command & Conquer III – Tiberium Wars
– Kane’s Wrath Addon
C&C Red Alert III
– Uprising Addon
Command & Conquer IV – Tiberian Twilight

OpenRA – C&C 1&2 + Red Alert 1&2 + Dune 2&2k Multiplayer Remake
Command & Conquer All Stars – Tiberian & RA Crossover TC Mod for C&C Generals

This section is very early days so please let me know about any big C&C related game/mod projects out there that I haven’t listed on my site (I have no doubt there are many!!). 🙂

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