Sierra On-Line is back! (BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014)

BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted any news this year as I’ve been busy with gaming and real world stuff. Don’t worry though as every year I like to add around 3 big new sections to the site and over the next few months I’ll be getting stuck into them! For those with a keen eye I’ve already snuck in a preliminary page for one of the three. Outside of my site there’s been some big news lately so here it is!

Sierra is back! Activision have brought them back from the dead to work on old Sierra IP with indie developers. Yes this could mean more Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry games. They’ve already announced a new King’s Quest game! Here’s the official announcement, New Sierra Director Interview, and Teaser Trailer below. Exciting times!

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