Might & Magic Heroes 7 Announced! (BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014)

BACKDATED NEWS – 18/08/2014

DRUM ROLL!! Might & Magic Heroes 7 (Or Heroes of Might & Magic for the oldschool fans) has been announced!!! After Heroes 6 failed to excite fans and make a lot of money I was worried the series was dead again however Ubisoft’s giving it another go. I’m filled with excitement again as this time it’s being made by Limbic Entertainment who are responsible for fixing Heroes 6’s bugs (after Black Hole Entertainment died), and cool DLC map packs set in the original M&M universe (Enroth, Varn & Xeen), and successfully bringing back from the dead the classic Might & Magic series with Might & Magic X – Legacy, so it should be in good hands as these guys really care about the oldschool M&M content & gameplay. The Screenshots in this Joystiq article and especially the IGN Gameplay demo video showing off the game using the Unreal 3 Engine looks amazing. I love it in the catapult battle how titans were walking around in the background destroying buildings, adds to the tension and excitement of the battle. The map ‘events’ were awesome too eg titans destroying buildings, catapults destroying titans, snow falling, avalanches, draining lakes, blasting forcefields etc.. & the castle battle at the end wow! Ubisoft have created a New MMH7 Website where you can vote on which races will be in the game (hopefully the ones that don’t make it will come in addon packs like in the old days), so get over there and vote! 🙂

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