BACKDATED NEWS – 10/09/2014

Yup, it’s time for another BIG SITE UPDATE, every single page on the site has been changed. However you can’t really see it haha! ;P Basically I fixed some problems that have plagued the site for a long time. The first was the fact that you may have noticed most of the pages had weird question mark boxes all through the text. I’m guessing all the browsers dropped support for special characters so all my ‘”,- and bullet points originating from word (where I typed up most of my webpage text) triggered the errors. I’ve converted all the characters on every page to their simple text/html versions (the only one I couldn’t fix was the little copyright symbol). The other big thing I changed on every page was switching from html Frames to Java Frames. It wasn’t easy & it took days for me to get it working as I don’t know java but this allows me to do clever linking to pages on the site & also force load the top frame & left side menu no matter how or where someone enters my site. Over the years I’ve seen people posting links to pages from my site in forums & facebook etc using internal pages without the index frames meaning anyone who used that link couldn’t navigate my site properly. That won’t happen any more! I’ve got some big things coming, a new news page, my annual tradition of 3 big new sections coming, & updated content for every single other section, so stay tuned! 🙂

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