Master of Magic Mods & Spiritual Sequels (BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 25/12/2013

The Civilization style fantasy strategy classic Master of Magic that inspired so many great series like Heroes of Might & Magic and Age of Wonders will also one day get a full tribute on this site. Sadly it has never got the sequel it deserved but I have discovered some interesting projects related to it. First is a awesome hard to find MoM fan community called Realms Beyond – Master of Magic Forum where you can access various awesome fan made patches that fix bugs & add even new content to the old 1994 classic! Secondly there are many great spiritual sequels to the game that are very similar in gameplay that MoM fans should check out if they haven’t yet Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Endless Legend, Elemental Series, Eador Series & the afore mentioned Age of Wonders Series. Thirdly thanks to the Kickstarter revolution there is also a couple of fan made MoM inspired games on the way called Worlds of Magic & War Barons. Hopefully they sucessfully re-create the awesome world & gameplay of Master of Magic too!

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