Big Site Update & Mage’s Initiation Trailer (BACKDATED NEWS – 23/03/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 23/03/2013

BIG site update! Every single page now uses custom scroll bars that utilize transparent pngs & the colour theme of the page. This only works in Webkit supporting browsers like Chrome & Safari. Firefox & IE don’t support webkit however I’ve improved the IE scroll bars to better reflect the colour theme of the page like the webkit ones.

The team behind the Quest for Glory inspired fan game Mage’s Initiation have now released a playable demo of the game on their kickstarter. I’ve added the download to my page so go check it out, its really good!

Finally sorry for the delay, I’d actually said last time that I’d finished the Age of Wonders section but forgot to upload it lol! It’s here now & ready to go, I’ve used a cool jquery scrolling background script on the main page to recreate the awesome scrolling main menu screen in AoW1. Check it out, I hope you all like! 🙂

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