Site Updates & 9,000 visitors! (BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013

YAY 9,000 visitors! Although with all the counter problems I’ve had over the last 10years it wouldn’t surprise me if it should be well over 10k by now but oh well lol! Anyway I’ve made lots of mini updates to the site, I mainly built this site for fellow fans of the games I love but I’ve since realised I should also make it more compatible with people who haven’t played the games before, so now all game tributes contain a links to places you can buy them nice & cheap like Good Old Games or Steam. So now when someone sees one of my game tributes & thinks “oooh I want that” now they CAN easily have it lol. While making these changes all over the site I also made some other little fixes & additions here & there.

“The sleeper has awoken!!” 😉 I’m back working on a big new Sci-fi game series tribute section for the site, may take me a month or 2 to finish though as I’m about to return to my ‘2nd life’ in Elder Scrolls for a while!

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