Amazing Elder Scrolls Oblivion Mods (BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013

Big Post! In my beloved World of Elder Scrolls there’s some sad news & some good news. The sad news is Bethesta have officially announced that they will no longer be making addon content for Skyrim & will move all their staff on to future projects. But of course if you enjoy modding your elderscrolls games like me then they’ll be new fan addon content for years to come! 😉

Speaking of which good old Oblivion still has some great massive game changing mods being worked on to this day and I want to cover 2 of them below.

Being a huge fan of Paladins & Crusaders etc I love the ‘Knights of the Nine’ addon for Oblivion so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the award winning Knights of the Nine Revelation fan made addon that adds a whole new KotN extra campaign, time travel to an earlier Cyrodiil world & new enhanced Crusader Relics with a flaming sword, check it out!

The other is Companion Vilja which adds a travel companion that you develop a friendship or even more with. You first think “oh god what loser made or needs that” but then on closer inspection you quickly realise why it’s so popular. It’s written & voiced by a girl, & the character is so smart that she often knows what you are doing, advises you on quests & even makes fun of other npcs. What’s even more interesting is that the famous Terry Pratchett (Discworld books) was such a fan of this mod he joined the project & helped write a considerable amount of backstory & dialogue. Travelling with her adds an enormous amount of depth & fun to your Oblivion adventure so try it out!

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