Might & Magic X Announced! (BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 16/06/2013

Some great stuff has happened since my last update! Firstly Ubisoft (creators of Heroes of Might & Magic) clearly watching the retro gaming take off on Kickstarter have FINALLY decided to make Might & Magic 10! The game is a full 3D RPG like the previous ones however what’s even more interesting is that they’ve decided to go with the controls & tile gameplay style of World of Xeen & the older M&M games! Check out the screenshots & videos at the official site.

Also in the world of Might & Magic, more screenshots of the coming ‘Might & Magic: Heroes Online’ have been released, it appears they are focusing on making it as close to the singleplayer Heroes of Might & Magic experience as possible which is a good thing! A bit overdue but I’ve added Heroes Online into my Heroes of Might & Magic section with links to their beta site!

Might & Magic X

Heroes Of Might & Magic Online

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