Awesome Skyrim Videos (BACKDATED NEWS – 03/12/2012)

BACKDATED NEWS – 03/12/2012

Finally a big post to finish off all today’s news (make sure you click continue to see the whole post). I thought I’d also post some awesome Skyrim videos & news as I’m a massive Elder Scrolls fan (I spend years playing each game heavily modded) but because I haven’t yet completed my Elder Scrolls section I don’t talk about it much here but that’s going to change starting now!

First is a HD Skyrim Waterfall Riding video I made when the game first came out a year ago.

Second is an cool HD short film called Great Battle of Dawnguard, which was made with the Skyrim engine & based on the story line of the Dawnguard addon that allows you to be a vampire lord or slayer, it uses some cool Paladin armour mods too.

The final video is the awesome trailer for the next big Skyrim Addon called Dragonborn, where you face off against the original Dragonborn in Morrowind’s land of Solstheim, this is a great gift to us old Morrowind fans as it will be so cool to return there & see all the original locations & monsters upgraded to Skyrims graphics (just look at these red mountain, bull netch & ascended sleeper screenshots!).

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