Website Music Update (BACKDATED NEWS – 01/07/2013)

BACKDATED NEWS – 01/07/2013

No sadly this is not me announcing my big new secret section yet (the sleeper must wait!). I knew this lousy day would come, albeit its come earlier than expected. Since the beginning this site has used a lot of midi music due to its retro theme & limited storage space, to play those midis annoyingly a 3rd party plugin Quicktime was required. Not everyone has or likes Quicktime so many have missed out of my sites music that complete the immersion experience in each page so I’d been waiting for a good replacement option. HTML5 was thought to be that saving option however I quickly discovered it didn’t support midi & worse only half the browsers supported mp3 & the other half only ogg meaning you’d have to upload 2 of every song (something a free webspace user does not have space for)! So more years have gone by until now when bloody Quicktime updated to 7.4.4 & broke midi plugin support resulting in my website crashing Quicktime & even the browser of anyone who visited GRR!! So now my hand is forced to change. Many of my new sections use heavily compressed mp3s so I’ve become more willing to upgrade to that anyway but the HTML5 problem remains so I’ve decided to go the flash player route & get my hands on a little fully customizable flash player that plays mp3s. It’s taken me days but I’ve managed to convert all my midis to mp3s using a cool website that’s actually made them sound even better, & I’ve updated all my pages to use the flash player with full player controls. As a result Quicktime is no longer required (YAY!) however you will need Adobe Flash which shouldn’t be a problem for Computer users. I realise a lot of Mobiles don’t have flash but this site was never built for mobiles anyway, but one day perhaps a better option will surface once more. So crisis averted.. now back to playing Elder Scrolls I go!

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