Quest for Glory Kickstarter (BACKDATED NEWS – 29/07/2012)

BACKDATED NEWS – 29/07/2012

More updates from the Coles about doing a possible Quest for Glory Kickstarter. After I posted the previous 9/6 news over at QFMG a poster there who also moderates over at the Cole’s website sent Corey Cole an email on my behalf asking for further clarification. He posted the response at QFMG showing their plans. Then the awesome Two Guys From Andromeda posted on their facebook page about meeting the Coles & confimed once more about the Coles doing a QFG Kickstarter! & finally now Lori Cole has also emailed Elsa at QFMG (had a nerdgasm when I saw my name/thread mentioned lol!) & confirmed that they’re looking at doing something new now instead of a remake (A QFG sequel or a similar game hopefully!). Looks like this is really happening guys! QFG fans watch this space! 🙂

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