Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Broken Sword, Pitfall, Total Annihilation, Rise of the Triad & Blood 3D revivals (BACKDATED NEWS – 25/08/2012)

BACKDATED NEWS – 25/08/2012

Wow.. a lot has happened in the last month. Firstly Quest For Glory’s Core & Lori Cole have signed up over at QFMG & announced their new Kickstarter project ‘The School For Heroes’! A game that merges their online School for Heroes with proper Quest For Glory style gameplay. The Kickstarter will begin around October.
Even better they have also done a podcast with Space Venture’s Chris Pope talking for an hour all about their time at Sierra & making of all 5 QFG games! Click on this link to play the video & this link to play the audio simultaneously.

We really are entering a whole new age of exciting indie games & classic games returning. People are sick of the big publishers & are talking through their wallets. In the past few weeks we’ve had a Broken Sword sequel, Planetary Annihilation from the Total Annihilation makers (WOW!), a jungle game from the Pitfall creator, a Rise of the Triad remake, & a Blood 3D online remake announced all from their original creators coming out of the woodwork. Brilliant, just brilliant! 🙂

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