Freelancer Sequel (BACKDATED NEWS – 13/09/2012)

BACKDATED NEWS – 13/09/2012

And another game making legend comes out of retirement! Chris Roberts (creator of Wing Commander & my beloved favourite space sim Freelancer) has announced that finally the technology has caught up allowing him to create the ultimate cinematic space sim game. Official announcement on the 10/10. If you sign up at his Roberts Space Industries website you can get more information & bonuses in the game when it is released. Here’s some early concept art looking very freelancer like! 🙂
My mates & I have dreamed of a Freelancer sequel for years so this is just brilliant. So many of my favourite developers coming back to make more of my favourite games, what a year! Steve Barcia (Simtex – Master of Orion & Master of Magic) PLEASE do the same!!!!!

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